Signing up for our Connect Program is VIRTUAL(ly) a few keyboard taps away!!!!!


Torchlight Services’ has been pleased to offer our highly rated Connect virtual
programs since June last summer. These programs were open, easily accessible and
free for everyone.

Funding for this program was obtained through grants, and as all good things do, our
grant has come to end for now. However, we will be continuing to run our Connect
program for a small membership fee starting May 1 st , 2021. Membership fees will allow
full access to all virtual programs for the month. All membership fees are due on the
first day of each month. Access to the programs will be granted once the fee has been

Our Fee Is:

$200 per month – flat fee which works out to the low price of $5.00 per program only!!!!!!

This fee is PASSPORT eligible.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE – The schedule is posted weekly. Until April 30th, the Zoom links and instructions are posted on our Facebook (link to FB again) page a ½ hour before the session starts.

May 1st, monthly membership fees begin and zoom links will be sent directly to registered members.


INTRODUCING.. Our remote program facilitators, Kaden & Jennifer. Structured and unstructured hang out time with Torchlight Friends and staff. Social isolation is difficult. We believe it is important to keep connected with our Torchlight participants individually and as a group, via phone, video chat and zoom.


Work together, compete, cheer on your friends with games, puzzles, escape room challenges, online gaming, mad-libs, riddles and more!


Join a live zoom yoga session or Participate any time from videos on our
YouTube channel. Other active lifestyle links - Link to a page or
pop up of links


Just because we have restrictions and are in various stages of lock down,
doesn’t mean we can’t explore our world!

Check out these amazing places near and far.

Click here for virtual tours.

More information:

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone in our community.  The imposed restrictions have limited the opportunity for our participants to socialize, engage in programming and maintain a daily routine. Increased social isolation is the direct result of these necessary restrictions.  In response to this, Torchlight is pleased to
offer Virtual Programs. Our Virtual program team provides easy to access, inclusive, non-judgemental and fun programming as a means to decrease the sense of isolation and build up community and belonging again.

Our Virtual Program team assist and support our participants in resolving technical issues, basic education on how to access the online programs and provide program schedules and reminders via emails to caregivers and on our Torchlight Facebook page.

We value the input of our participants in the development of their programs and therefore, our virtual team tailors programming based on interests and abilities. In addition, our virtual team also provides the much needed 1-1 interaction (virtually) to provide more person-centred support and engagement.

Join our Virtual Programs to keep connected while staying safe!

Feel free to check out our Facebook page for our upcoming schedule and drop in on one of our programs!

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30 Edinburgh Road North,
Guelph, Ontario, N1H 7J1

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